Hi, We are Li Chieh and Alexander. We are a married couple running Bao & Bowl food truck together. Li Chieh from Taiwan and Alex from Netherlands. Cooking and trying new food is always ours passion.
In 2016 we decided to go to the Netherlands to start our business. In 2018 we started our first food truck , selling Taiwanese Chicken Bites(Yan Su Ji), fried chicken Bao buns, fried chicken rice bowls and especially handmade dumplings, selling more choices of bao buns and rice bowls, such as: roast duck, stewed pork, mapo tofu and teriyaki mushroom.
Taiwanese cuisine is a convergence of many Asian cuisines.
We make our own delicious steamed Gua-Bao buns, topped with our homemade family recipe crispy chicken, pickled red onion and special sauce. We also have delicious Peking duck bao buns that with classic hoisin, spring onion and cucumber . Also traditional pork buns,often translated as “Taiwanese burger”, this is a specialty of northern Taiwan and contains puffy mantou steamed buns richly filled with slices of sweet, fatty pork. Come try some !